When the conversation is good, people stay and talk

Quality conversation is the first step to community, and every community is unique. OpenWebOS offers a fully customizable approach to facilitating high quality, brand safe conversations powered by AI, Machine Learning, and human moderation that’s tailored to fit your audience.

Three Pillars of Effective Moderation


Combat Toxicity

Filter toxicity and automatically adjust controls on a per-user basis.


Incentivize Civility

Directly reward the positive contributors in your community.


Highlight Quality

Automatically surface quality contributions, create community role models.

Keep Quality
on Top

Across the OpenWeb network, our quality-first algorithms ensure that the best contributions are seen the most. XX.X% of users only ever see the highest quality comments. The more high-quality conversation users see, the more they will want to stay, read, and register to take part.

“OpenWeb is the immunity to the toxicity in comments”

Professor Scott Galloway

Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern & Founder, Section4

The best moderation is less visible, yet more transparent—allowing free expression while minimizing toxicity. After all, a strong community relies on real trust between the user and the publisher.

Ido Goldberg

SVP of Products at OpenWeb

Quality is your key to sustainable revenue

Effective Moderation

Proven, AI- and Machine Learning-powered moderation.

Quality Conversations

High-quality, civil discussions that attract users and create value.


Increased retention, registrations, time on site, and pages per session.


OpenWeb provides sustainable revenue through context-relevant, high-value advertising at scale.

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