Moving audiences from unknown to known:
OpenWebOS Identity

OpenWebOS Identity brings tools to take your audience from casual readers to loyal, registered users. Identity leverages best-in-class user acquisition strategy to motivate them to register. And it works: our top publishers report about 30% of all new users are won with OpenWebOS.

What’s the value of an OpenWeb registered


average revenue per user


more page views per user


increased session duration


greater user retention

Utilize best-in-class registration


OpenWebOS integrates with your
SSO solution to provide a seamless user experience. Don’t have one? We’ve got you covered, too—OpenWebOS SSO supports Google and Social
, and external authentication services.


OpenWebOS allows publishers to leverage insights–simply. Create incentives for registrations and engagement with personalized messages and offers sure to resonate.


Custom calls to action above the
fold–or wherever you want it. Spotlight is a fully integrated and customizable unit inviting readers to join the conversation, register for an event, sign-up for a newsletter and more.

Get to know your audience better.

User Profiles

Our fully customizable profiles include avatars, badges, descriptions, and more. Let your users make your site their second home.

Civility Profiles

Find user insights to fuel your audience acquisition and editorial strategies. Find your highest-performing users—and your best non-registered users, too—using our similarity algorithm.

Quality is your key to sustainable revenue.

Effective Moderation

Proven, AI- and Machine Learning-powered moderation.

Quality Conversations

High-quality, civil discussions that attract users and create value.


Increased retention, registrations, time on site, and pages per session.


OpenWeb provides sustainable revenue through context-relevant, high-value advertising at scale.

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Get a look at everything OpenWebOS offers—from social experiences directly on your site that allow your community to flourish, to monetization solutions that help your business achieve sustainability.

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