2024 Media Trends ReportWhat publishers need to know for the year ahead.
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2023 was a year marked by unprecedented changes in media and publishing.We witnessed rapid advances in AI, multiplying channels to reach and engage audiences, a renewed urgency to find sustainable models for growth, and so much more.

2024 promises to usher in a new era for publishing and media, one that prioritizes trust, privacy, and safe spaces online. These currents will bring in new opportunities as well as challenges.

To help you navigate the year ahead, we gathered a panel of eight media and publishing experts from The New York Post, IGN, LADbible, Enthusiast Gaming, and more, to delve into the most significant trends they’re anticipating for 2024.

Inside this report, we will cover:

— Misinformation in the age of Generative AI;
— What’s driving Supply Path Optimization;
— First-party data and the death of the cookie;
— Privacy regulations and trust;
— And more.

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