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In-Conversation Ads: A new revenue stream that won’t impact engagement

By Nadav Shoval

We’re always looking for ways to create more value for our publisher partners.

When we launched our In-Conversation Ads open beta in March, we added  a new revenue stream for publishers that: 

  • Doesn’t impact user experience or user engagement,
  • Keeps pages fast and lightweight,
  • Hits over 70% viewability, 
  • Increases CPMs by up to 75%, and
  • Gives brands a new way to reach engaged communities at scale.

We knew we were onto something big.

In-Conversation Ads seamlessly lazy-loads targeted ads between comments in OpenWeb’s Conversation on your page. Since launch, some amazing publishers have joined the open beta. Here are just a few:

Interested in joining our open beta? Just fill out our interest form here.

Here’s what it looks like live on page:

We know publishers are managing a sky-high tech stack, so we made In-Conversation Ads low lift, high impact, requiring no overhead lift from partners to go live. 

So, how did this all start?

Our goal was to create an ad product that benefits publishers and advertisers alike. After many revisions, this is what we’re hearing from participants in the open beta:

Publishers love: Advertisers love:
A new, premium ad placement Direct access to engaged audiences
Increased CPMsA place to serve relevant ads 
No direct impact on user engagement Above average viewability

Building a better, more trustworthy web isn’t possible without thriving content creators. To start using In-Conversation Ads today, just fill out our interest form here to join our open beta and our team will reach out.

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Let’s have a conversation.

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