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OpenWeb Joins Industry Leaders, Integrates ADYOULIKE Into Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)

By OpenWeb

Today, we’re excited to announce that our global advertising platform, ADYOULIKE, has been integrated into Amazon Publisher Services’ (APS) Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM). This is a significant milestone that underscores ADYOULIKE’s status as a leading Supply Side Platform (SSP), as buyer access to APS’ TAM and UAM programs are granted on a strictly invite-only basis..

So, what is Amazon Publisher Services? It allows publishers to access Amazon’s unique demand and centralize their header bidding in a single location, providing ADYOULIKE’s publisher partners with lower latency, centralized header bidding demand, and increased competition, which can lead to higher ad prices and greater ease of use.

“The inclusion of ADYOULIKE in APS’ Transparent Ad Marketplace and Unified Ad Marketplace, further solidifies OpenWeb’s position as a complete, end-to-end platform for the open internet,” said Francis Turner, Chief Advertising Officer of OpenWeb and co-founder of ADYOULIKE. “This move will allow our partners to tap into Amazon’s unique, top-tier publishers and benefit our thousands of media partners.”

ADYOULIKE has been a key player in the global advertising platform space, working with over 4,000 brands, agencies and publishers including The Guardian, Reach, Prisma Media, and Groupe Marie-Claire. 

“Joining Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace and Unified Ad Marketplace marks a pivotal moment for ADYOULIKE. This integration amplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and personalized advertising experiences,” said Yohan Elmaalem, SVP Publisher Development EMEA at Adyoulike. “As we continue to evolve and grow, our focus remains on empowering our partners, and giving them the tools and opportunities they need to reach new heights. This is more than an integration; it’s a leap forward in our journey to redefine the advertising landscape.”

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