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OpenWeb Welcomes Scott Galloway to Our Board of Directors

By OpenWeb

Today we welcome Scott Galloway as an investor and to OpenWeb’s board of directors. Scott joins us in the fight against online toxicity, as we build safe and healthy communities with publishers around the world.

Scott is an entrepreneur, professor, and respected technology pundit who has become a leading voice regarding the impact of technology on traditional industry and society.

“OpenWeb is at the intersection of three huge market opportunities: publishers needing more first-party data in a cookieless world, advertisers wanting brand-safe UGC, and society searching for less toxic, quality dialog. The comments on an article can be as engaging as the content itself,” said Galloway. “But that engagement can be akin to the noxious emissions of social media. It doesn’t have to be this way. OpenWeb is to social media, what alternative energies are to fossil fuels.”

“I believe strongly in companies fighting the negative externalities of the first generation of the social web, and OpenWeb is an immunity to the viruses of social media. I am inspired by the promise of a healthier commenting experience that supports publishers. The investment speaks for itself,” Galloway added.

To learn more about this announcement, see our press release.

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