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Rev Up Registrations with Embeddable Comments

By Andrew Arida

Comments are the new Embedded Tweets.

The most engaged users — commenters — are the heartbeat of communities across our network. They foster a sense of belonging among readers, turning sites into destinations. They’re the “super-users” every publisher strives for.

Across our network of 5000+ publishers, we see that commenters spend 3.6x more time on site, read 4.5x more pages and generate 4x revenue compared to passive readers. 

So, how can you bring more readers into the discussion?

OpenWeb’s new Embeddable Comments feature.

With Embeddable Comments, publisher admins can easily generate an embed comment code and place a comment where they want users to see it on the page—just like you would a tweet. This encourages readers to get involved, keeps the conversation on your site, and helps convert transient readers into engaged community members.

OpenWeb’s original research, in partnership with YouGov, for our Online Communities Report, found that 72% of readers want comments alongside their stories online.

Users want community. Now it’s easier than ever to point them to the conversation.

Drive More Registrations

Embeddable Comments aren’t just about sparking conversations; they’re a catalyst for converting passive readers into engaged, even registered users. Each comment a passive user encounters serves as a stepping stone, guiding them down the funnel towards registration and loyalty. As readers read the comments, they naturally become more invested in the community, prompting them to engage, return, and register.

Increase Awareness

Every comment placed within an article highlights the discussions in your community. This draws in new users and drives additional interest among existing ones. Even if they don’t engage the first time — just seeing that there is an engaged community can change your readers’ perception as readers explore articles and encounter these embedded comments.

Promote Quality

At OpenWeb, we help our partners build robust, healthy communities that drive real value. Embeddable Comments can help publishers model the behavior they want. If you choose high quality comments to hold up as an example for the community, you’re raising the bar for everyone. Users are encouraged to be thoughtful and are incentivized to abide by community standards and contribute to a positive environment.

How does it work?

Embeddable Comments allow admins to easily generate an embed comment code and place a comment where they want users to see it on the page. Embed a comment by selecting the ‘ embed HTML’ option within the share menu of each published comment. This feature also allows the admin to customize the placement and look of the embedded comment.

Embeddable Comments is now available for publishers with OpenWeb’s Launcher implemented on their sites.

Want to learn more about Embeddable Comments? Contact us today.

Let’s have a conversation.

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