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The Publishing World Is Evolving – So OpenWeb Is, Too.

By OpenWeb

For publishers, one thing is always true: the world is changing. The competitive landscape seems to be getting ever more fierce – more and more publishers are competing for the same readership. As a publisher, you need to offer something truly unique to stand out, to earn readership, and to build community.

As the publishing world evolves, and publishers face new challenges, the tech they use needs to be the absolute best in class – front end, and back. That’s why we at OpenWeb are investing again in providing the best possible products.

Today we’re excited to announce two new C-Suite hires at OpenWeb: Andrew Sullivan is joining our team as Chief Product Officer, and Boris Korenfeld as Chief Technology Officer. As we continue to grow and enhance our tech and product offerings, both Sullivan and Korenfield will help scale our platform offerings for our network of more than 1,000 publishers. 

These new hires bring extensive industry experience, enabling our teams to push the development of our product and data technologies forward and into new territory to better help publishers. We’re a mission-driven company, and in our work to empower publishers to build strong communities founded in high-quality conversations, this kind of experience and expertise are immensely valuable.

As Chief Product Officer, Sullivan will set the vision for our product development and lead the expansion of our product team. Korenfeld will spearhead our engineering and data teams as Chief Technology Officer, working to implement tech strategies that enable publishers to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.

We’re excited to share with you what comes next.

– The OpenWeb Team

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