The State of Online Conversations

Discover the power of quality conversations—like how to drive 8.7x more pageviews—in our audience engagement trends report “The State of Online Conversations.”

2020 will be remembered for the unprecedented impact of a global pandemic on our lives. As interactions shifted almost entirely online, publishers have enjoyed the benefit of increased readership. They have also witnessed the rise of engaged and active communities on their sites.

Our very first audience engagement trends report looks at how News, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, and Lifestyle publications performed during this time. Active users have always been publishers’ most valuable users, and they have had an even greater impact in 2020.

  • Commenters drove 4X more page views vs. casual visitors
  • Active users spent 33:50 minutes per session vs. non-active users’ 1:29 minutes
  • Active users’ retention skyrocketed with 40% returning monthly

Discover more insights to optimize user engagement on your site and leverage the value of an active user.

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