Local News Publishers: Community is Your Key to Sustainable Growth

OpenWeb’s commenting and engagement platform is the end-to-end solution for driving sustainable revenue and growing a robust community of loyal, registered users—and it’s available now to TownNews members.


Quality is your key to sustainable revenue

Build and grow a community rooted in high-quality conversations backed by cutting-edge AI/Machine Learning moderation technology that reduces toxicity and brings out the best in your audience.

Effective Moderation

Proven, AI- and Machine Learning-powered moderation.

Quality Conversations

High-quality, civil discussions that attract users and create value.


Increased retention, registrations, time on site, and pages per session.


OpenWeb provides sustainable revenue through context-relevant, high-value advertising at scale.

During our beta phase of the OpenWeb x TownNews partnership, local news publishers saw:


growth in the daily retention rate of registered users


time on site among active users


more returning registered users