2023 Media Trends ReportWhat publishers need to know for the year ahead.
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A looming recession, changes to the advertising ecosystem, new technology, and an increasingly competitive landscape are making it more difficult than ever for publishers to engage and retain audiences. How can it be done?There are many options. As always, leaders in our field will make strategic investments where they see trends emerging.Yet there is a plethora of viewpoints on these trends, many of which are contradictory.So, we gathered inputs from eight leaders in the publishing and media ecosystem. We spoke with leaders from Buzzfeed, Experian, The New York Post, Dexerto, The Daily Beast, and more—to offer their points of view on six key trends.Inside our report, these publishing leaders share their thoughts on:— How to maximize revenue during a recession,— Opportunities around short-form video content,— The future of programmatic,…and much more. Download your copy of our report by filling out the form above.
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