Engagement Beyond the FieldHow OneFootball Registered 20 Million New Users in 12 Months
Pietro Lambert Vice President, ProductsOneFootball
Mitch HansenVice President, MarketingOpenWeb
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It’s no secret that soccer fans are among the most passionate communities out there[1]. But can their loyalty go beyond the soccer field? For OneFootball, the answer is a resounding “yes.”Check out our webinar, “Engagement Beyond the Field: How OneFootball Registered 20 Million New Users in 12 Months.” OneFootball VP of Product, Pietro Lambert, walks us through the actionable insights gained while exponentially growing their community.OneFootball has firmly established itself as the go-to hub for more than 100 million dedicated soccer enthusiasts globally. It’s ongoing mission? Bringing fans closer to soccer.In this live event, we covered:— Cultivating Trust and Fostering Loyalty: the strategies for building trust and cultivating loyalty that stands the test of time; — Data-Driven Personalization: leveraging data to craft personalized experiences that captivate users and transform engagement; — Community Power: gain insights into the introduction of commenting on their platform and its profound impact on fostering a thriving, interactive community. Download the full webinar at the form.

[1] The Sporting Blog, "The 10 Most Popular Sports in the World"

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