Understanding and Rebuilding Audience TrustHow Content Publishers, Brands, and Creators Can Write the Web’s Next Chapter
Deb RoyDirector, MIT Media Lab Center for Constructive Communication
Tiffany Xingyu WangChief Marketing Officer, OpenWeb

It’s no secret that audience attitudes have recently changed. Trust in social platforms is at all-time lows. Recent OpenWeb research found that 54% of those polled called social media net-negative for society, yet 90% reported still regularly participating in communities online.This represents an interesting moment in the evolution of online communities: audiences want social interaction—but they are dissatisfied with their options.This presents a major opportunity for content publishers to seize upon. However, they must provide a truly better alternative, or they will suffer from the same lack of trust that’s draining energy (and ad revenue) from the social media giants.In our webinar, Understanding and Rebuilding Audience Trust, we hosted a discussion between Deb Roy, Director of MIT Center for Constructive Communication, and Tiffany Xingyu Wang, co-founder of the Oasis Consortium and Chief Marketing Officer at OpenWeb. In this 45-minute webinar, they discussed:– How and why audiences’ levels of trust in online communities and social media has changed,– Observations on changing media use patterns and what they mean for content publishers and brands,– The emerging, trust-first model for a sustainable open web, and,– How content publishers and brands can leverage this moment in time to build the healthier alternative audiences want.Download the webinar today to learn more.

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