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OpenWeb Introduces Community Feed for Publishers: Transforming commenting into a high-quality social experience.

By OpenWeb

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 — OpenWeb, a leading audience engagement and conversation platform is launching Community Feed, enabling publishers to harness the power of social media on their own sites. The new platform brings together quality conversations, relevant content, and user posts in a safe and immersive environment. With the new product, users can stay longer and engage more, creating increased value for publishers.

“With media consumption at all-time highs and the public seeking safer places to engage, OpenWeb is creating powerful solutions that also benefit publishers. Community Feed combines a social-feed-like experience with higher standards for quality, and encourages users to discover more content and conversations without the toxicity,” said Nadav Shoval, OpenWeb’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Community Feed creates a virtuous cycle that keeps audiences on-site longer, encourages quality discourse and discovery, and supports publisher sustainability.”

Features & Highlights of OpenWeb’s Community Feed:

  • Journalists, editors, and users can create topical posts that live outside of individual articles, allowing conversations to live and thrive longer. 
  • Customized moderation capabilities and rigorous standards ensure the highest quality dialogue between users and journalists. 
  • Advanced recommendation algorithms surface engagement-driven, trending, and relevant content into a seamless social experience. 43% of commenters are reading similar articles discovered through the Feed during the same session.
  • Users can easily navigate between content and conversations, and hashtags allow commenters to easily find similar articles and conversations.

OpenWeb, which announced it was changing its name from Spot.IM a few weeks ago has quickly become the leader for premium publishers to engage and retain audiences. Partners include Huffington Post, Salon, Refinery29, Engadget, and hundreds of others. To learn more about OpenWeb’s Community Feed read the Community Feed Release Notes.

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