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Case Study

Should You Hide Comments Behind a Button?

By OpenWeb Staff

For a lot of publishers, opening up their site to comments brings an initial jolt of fear. Fear of trolls, bots, and bullies taking over the conversation and detracting from the story that they worked hard to bring to life. But, at the same time, publishers recognize the importance of engaging with their readers to build a loyal audience that continues to come back for more stories.

In order to have it both ways, publishers have taken to hiding conversations behind a button that users have to click on to see the conversation and join in. But, is this the best solution? 

At Spot.IM, we know that every publisher’s community is different, but we believe with the right encouragement, every reader can add value to your online conversations. A combination of encouraging quality conversations with community guidelines and automated moderation prevents conversations from getting out of hand – and allows publishers to reap the benefits of increased engagement with average increases of 15x time-on-site and 3x pageviews.

Want to see the results when you bring your community out from behind the button? Here’s what happened when a top entertainment news publisher put their conversation front and center and grew their active users by 1500%. 

Let’s have a conversation.

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