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Let’s Spin Your Community Flywheel. Here’s How to Drive Engagement, Registrations, and Subscriptions with Community.

By Mitch Hansen

According to Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index report, subscription-based businesses are experiencing average year-on-year revenue growth of 11.6%, outpacing S&P 500 growth rates by 4.6x over the past decade.

But with inflation on the rise, an impending recession, and global macroeconomic uncertainties, every business needs to reassess their offerings. What makes a subscriber or registered user stick around? How do you create an experience that audiences can’t imagine their day without?

While there’s many factors to consider, there is one common denominator that engages readers at every part of the customer journey: community. 

Growing a loyal community around your content is a critical business strategy for any publisher, especially for publishers with subscription goals. 

Community draws casual readers in, and retains paying customers by keeping them engaged with your brand on a deeper level. In fact, 92% of Americans have cited reading the comments when they’re available on a publisher’s site, and they will engage in the discussion for a variety of reasons. People crave community connection, and it can set your brand apart from the competition. 

How do you build a thriving community that drives and retains subscriptions?

We’ll be tackling this question with Trusted Media Brands’ Chief Product Officer, Emily Christner, and OpenWeb’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Joel Bejar for an interactive session on the best strategies you can implement to tackle these challenges—starting today.

In our webinar, Spin Your Community Flywheel: How Community Drives Subscriptions, attendees can learn more about community-building strategies, including:

  • Building community and harnessing its power,
  • Creating experiences that turn casual readers into repeat, registered users,
  • The true value of community for driving key business outcomes,

…and much more. Even better, attendees will have the opportunity to speak openly and ask questions about their own challenges and solutions directly with the co-hosts. You won’t want to miss this chance to up your game on one of the most powerful levers available to boost subscriptions for your brand. 

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