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We’ve Joined the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator to Further Mission of Creating a Healthier Web

By OpenWeb

OpenWeb is a mission-first company. Improving the state of online conversations and creating a web that is more balanced and more equitable for all is a mission embedded in the DNA of each employee. It’s our raison d’être—our reason to be. 

So far, we’re making great strides. We partner with more than 1,000+ leading publishing companies—such as Forbes, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo and many others—to build quality conversations that create healthy, thriving, positive communities online. 

Our latest step in this journey is joining the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator to advance our mission to create a healthier web, and help influence the future of media, entertainment and sports. 

“OpenWeb is pioneering solutions that leverage innovation to combat toxicity online and promote a healthier society for everyone. We’re pleased to welcome them to the Global Innovators Community and we’re looking forward to leveraging their insights to inform our content work on the Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sports,” said Verena Kuhn, Global Innovators Community Head, World Economic Forum. ”

The Global Innovators Community is part of the World Economic Forum – the international organization for public-private partnership. Originally established in 1971 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the forum engages political, business and cultural leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Every year, the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

“We’re humbled to be a part of The Global Innovators Community and we’re looking forward to collaborating with some of the world’s leading companies to drive meaningful and positive impact in the world,” said Nadav Shoval, co-founder and CEO of OpenWeb. “The community’s mission is closely aligned to our own mission at OpenWeb to create a healthier online environment that is safe for brands and people and ultimately helps move society forward.”  

The Global Innovators community, a sub-group within the World Economic Forum, comprises the most promising start-ups and scale-ups on the leading edge of technological and business model innovation. OpenWeb has joined this community as its latest member, and will be focused on leading impact within the Media, Entertainment and Sports platform. 

We will also be partnering with the Global Coalition for Digital Safety, where our CMO Tiffany Xingyu Wang has been serving as an advisor. It’s just another extension of our commitment to a safer, healthier web. 

We’re thrilled to be a part of the World Economic Forum’s storied history of positive impact.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand’s impact through healthy communities that people love, join us on October 25, 2022 for a webinar with Trusted Media Brands’ Chief Product Officer, Emily Christner, and OpenWeb’s Chief Partnership Officer, Enrico Tollis, on how to build a thriving community. 

This news comes on the heels of announcing Tiffany Xingyu as Chief Marketing Officer and Mark Howard as Chief Business Officer. Earlier in 2022, OpenWeb also announced the strategic acquisition of Hive Media Group, followed closely by a $100M deal to acquire ADYOULIKE.

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