3 Benefits of Employing a Modern Comment System For Your Website

By OpenWeb Staff

So you have started a blog–now all you need is readers. But as you already know readers don’t just come simply because you want them to. Instead, they must feel that they have a part in your content and have the desire to get involved.

That’s where a modern comment system for your website comes in. Comments give users the opportunity to give back, making the relationship one that is mutually beneficial. Rather than passively reading and taking in your content at first glance, they can challenge it and/or offer a different approach. This empowers users and helps to create a robust online community.

Having a modern comment system for your website is a pivotal part of this process. Since old-school comment systems are boring and tend to attract spam, people have become more reluctant to comment on it. Having a modern comment system however, can change everything. Here’s how:

It’s all about the visuals

Commenting systems have been in existence for quite some time. Yet, the format hasn’t changed much. The majority of commenting systems still are found at the bottom of each article stacked one comment on top of the other. But there’s so much more we can do. The old way is predictable, and it’s a shame that more blogs are failing in giving users something sleek and visually attractive to make their comments count.

Users care about the design of the websites they interact with. In fact, according to Adobe, 38% of your site’s visitors will leave your site if they find the layout or content to be visually unappealing. So as you can see, it’s time give your comment system a makeover. Some ways publishers have done it is by placing the comment system in the sidebar rather than below the article. But with modern technology, the sky’s the limit–so let your creativity soar!

#Realtalk in real-time

Classic commenting systems are not well suited for conversation. You post a comment, then someone else may comment back, but how would you know unless you take time out of your day to go check?

Nowadays, we are used to real-time conversations–whether it’s through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or anything else–we are now accustomed to our messages being responded to instantaneously–as if we are speaking face to face. Traditional comment systems hinder this type of natural, flowing conversation. In contrast, modern commenting systems enable real-time conversations right on site so people can engage in meaningful conversations, and gain a great social outlet.

Spammers and trolls beware

While many of the comments on some of our favorite blogs are full of spam and trolls, security settings in modern commenting systems can prevent this predicament, keeping your comments clean and purposeful. Most modern commenting systems employ advanced moderation settings which allow moderators to have complete control over which comments appear on your site.

This way, you only show comments that add something beneficial to the conversation, making your blog a safe environment for dialog.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of modern comment system for your website. Have any others to add? Comment below and let us know.

Let’s have a conversation.

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