On this episode of The Community Exchange Podcast, we welcome Ariscielle Novicio (SVP and Head of Technology, The New York Post), Michael Liss (VP of Product, The New York Post) and Lior Revivo (VP of Product, OpenWeb).

In our discussion, Michael and Ariscielle share their insights on how they’ve turned The Post’s community into an engine for loyalty, engagement, and first party data. We talk about how they plan to leverage that data to create better experiences for users, the strategies publishers can implement to beat their goals and build a healthy community, and more.


Ariscielle Novicio
Ariscielle NovicioSVP & Head of Technology, The New York Post

Ariscielle is the SVP & Head of Technology at the New York Post where she is focused on tapping the power of data architecture to deliver sophisticated and streamlined customer journeys. Ariscielle has been on the cutting edge of technology for more than 25 years as a leader across multiple divisions at News Corporation. She helped create the first iPad app for a national publication, The Daily, and the first website for the New York Post.

Michael Liss
Michael LissVice President of Product, The New York Post

Michael is the current Vice President of Product at the New York Post, where he plays a leading role in all digital initiatives for New York Post, Page Six and Decider. He has held many roles throughout his influential career including digital product lead, writer and editor, conference speaker, international rabble-rouser. Michael is a product owner with intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, creative energy and professional editorial skills, that loves creative and strategic problem-solving.


Mitch Hansen
Mitch HansenVice President, OpenWeb
Lior Revivo
Lior RevivoVice President Product, OpenWeb

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