On this episode of The Community Exchange Podcast, we dive into the unstoppable force of AI innovation with our guest Rob Meadows. Rob is the President & Co-founder of the AI Foundation and AI advisor to OpenWeb.

As a leading voice in the AI industry, Rob’s insights are essential for publishers aiming to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape. Rob unveils the potential of AI in shaping publishing’s future while prioritizing user benefits.


Rob Meadows
Rob MeadowsCo-Founder and President, AI Foundation

Rob Meadows, President & CEO of The AI Foundation and AI Advisor to OpenWeb. Rob is a leading voice in the AI industry, founding multiple AI-driven companies. He strongly believes that AI can help publishers tackle some of their toughest engagement challenges, all while making sure individual users benefit along the way.


Mitch Hansen
Mitch HansenVice President, OpenWeb

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