What’s the most important part of building a community?

Jon Birchall, Director of Editorial Strategy at LADBible Group, says it has a lot do with authenticity.

On this episode of The Community Exchange Podcast, we hear Jon’s perspective on how to weave authenticity into every interaction and foster genuine connections with your community, strategies for managing content across dozens of channels, and the art of audience segmentation.

Nearing a global audience of one billion, LADBible is a UK news and entertainment publisher that has become a true powerhouse in the world of publishing.


Jon Birchall
Jon BirchallDirector of Editorial Strategy, LADBible

Jon Birchall is the Director of Editorial Strategy at LADBible, and the former Audience and Content Director at Reach PLC. Jon is an editorial boss who has served in several senior roles at several major publishing companies, and had a major impact at Reach where he served as the audience and content director for sport.


Mitch Hansen
Mitch HansenVice President, OpenWeb
Alex Paikkos-Wheeler
Alex Paikkos-WheelerDirector, Strategic Partnerships & Operations, OpenWeb

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