We help publishers thrive in a cookie-less world

Your community is your first-party data strategy. Engage your community, while driving unique value to your business.

Our conversation platform turns meaningful interactions into actionable first party data insights. Activate your data strategy with OpenWeb by turning meaningful interactions into desirable audience segments.

Your community, your data

Individual approach for each partner

100% GDPR & CCPA compliant

Make better business decisions with OpenWeb DMP

OpenWeb DMP provides unique first-party data — aligning user identity with their engagement, interests, conversation topics, intent, and more. Build custom segments to drive impactful attribution, remarketing and revenue strategies.

Tailor the user experience to drive conversions

By providing a platform for quality conversations to flourish, you can grow your loyal audience. We assess users' behavior in real-time — and optimize their experience to grow registrations or subscriptions through persuasive touch-points.

Seamlessly align advertisers with your audiences

The first-party data resurgence creates an opportunity for publishers to connect brands with their ideal consumers. Amplify monetization through our custom solutions or using proprietary insights in your advertising offerings — driving higher yield.

Guide editorial strategies and boost reader retention

Understand your community better to offer what's valuable for them — so they come back for more. Enhance overall quality with data insights received via real-time Slack notifications or weekly digests on trending topics, articles of interest, engagement, and more.

Let’s have a conversation

Right now OpenWeb has a limited number of partners we can work with in order to provide the highest quality service to each and every one. Let us know you’re interested and stay informed about how OpenWeb is empowering publishers and advertisers to change online conversations for good.