Nurture positive communities and conversations with a powerful quality framework.

A holistic approach towards quality, moderation and brand safety creating a healthier experience for the community, and a brand-safe environment for the publishers.

Quality starts with knowing the user

We analyze a user’s behavior over time, reputation, and influence within the community. These insights are integrated as a core element of the entire moderation and conversation experience.

Multi-layered automatic moderation

Our automatic moderation tech is powered by proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms. It is built to understand the nuances of conversation — language ambiguity, contextual toxicity, local slang, user sentiment and more.

Driving healthy conversations with Reputation

We actively incentivize and nudge users to be positive contributors. The more civil they are, the larger their reach and influence — creating a virtuous cycle of positive engagement.

Quality enhancement and curation

Our sorting and exposure algorithms prioritize civil and thoughtful comments, providing another layer of protection. We are creating environments that constantly spur quality conversations, improve user experiences and reduce churn.

Let’s have a conversation.

Right now OpenWeb has a limited number of partners we can work with in order to provide the highest quality service to each and every one. Let us know you’re interested and stay informed about how OpenWeb is empowering publishers and advertisers to change online conversations for good.