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3 Stand-Out Ways Our Partners are Honoring Black History Month

By Kristen Dunleavy

Black History Month is an opportunity to honor the achievements of Black Americans and their lasting impact. We wanted to highlight just a few of the thought-provoking Black History content initiatives from our Partners: an exhaustive report on racism, a look at Black music scenes with lasting impact, and a visual collection of first-person storytelling. 

The Boston Globe Takes a Hard Look at Racism in Their City

“Here in Boston, a city known as a liberal bastion, we have deluded ourselves into believing we’ve made more progress than we have. Racism certainly is not as loud and violent as it once was, and the city overall is a more tolerant place. But inequities of wealth and power persist, and racist attitudes remain powerful, even if in more subtle forms.”

– The Spotlight Team at Boston Globe, “Boston. Racism. Image. Reality.”

Investigative journalists from Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team published a series addressing issues specific to the Black community, including the gentrification of the Seaport District and the lack of Black graduates from Boston’s universities. They also tackled a big, uncomfortable question: Why is Boston consistently ranked the “most racist city” time and time again?

The series uses a combination of interviews, data visualizations, deep dives into the city’s history, and more to help readers gain a better understanding of the challenges that Black Americans face—and it’s a must-read for all Bostonians.

Uproxx Celebrates Influential Black Music Scenes

“The musical landscape continues to expand but not without the impact of regional scenes cultivated by Black culture.”

– Demicia Inman, “Black Music Scenes That Have Influenced the World”

Most people don’t think of funk music when they think of Dayton, Ohio, and yet the city contributed in a major way to funk’s mainstream success. It’s also one of the 10 cities highlighted in Uproxx’s Black Music Scenes That Have Influenced the World, which breaks down the genres and artists that emerged from each, from hyphy to house music. See (and hear) the full list here.

HuffPo Shines the Spotlight on Black Women

“The undisputed dignity of Black womanhood, as it turns out, is the highest form of self-preservation, not in spite of her family, her friends, her communities or the world, but because if the BLACK WOMAN can experience freedom, then everyone else can follow.”

– Erin E. Evans, “Protect Black Women Isn’t Just a Slogan. It Requires Real Work.”

The “Black Women Deserve” content initiative from HuffPost honors Black women with first-person storytelling through a collection of essays, interviews, and videos. You’ll find a critical look at racism and sexism in the WNBA, an interview with screenwriter and producer Mara Brock Akil discussing how she develops characters for Black audiences, the story of a midwife who is dedicated to providing healthcare to women of color, and much more.

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