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Press Release: Spot.IM is Now OpenWeb

By OpenWeb

The Company introduced a suite of new solutions to increase the quality of conversations across its network of 700+ publisher communities

NEW YORK, June 24, 2020 — Spot.IM, a leading audience engagement and commenting platform for 700+ publishers including Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Salon, Rolling Stone, and Fox News announced it has changed its name to OpenWeb. The new name represents the company’s evolution from a location-based messaging service to an end-to-end solution for hosting quality conversations on the open web. 

“Spot.IM has evolved over the years, building vibrant, distributed communities outside of traditional walled gardens, and inspiring quality conversations on the largest publisher sites in the world,” said OpenWeb’s CEO and Co-Founder, Nadav Shoval. OpenWeb engages more than 100 million monthly active users, and continues to grow as more people engage with content online. “Our new name is a reflection of our evolution, of our commitment to democracy, to the diversity of conversations on the web, to quality over noise, and to supporting the media industry at large,” said Shoval.

Coinciding with its name change, OpenWeb has launched the next generation of its platform, focused on increasing the quality of conversations. “OpenWeb incentivizes quality by rewarding thoughtful interactions, providing real-time feedback, and enabling publishers to set their own community guidelines,” the company’s SVP of Product, Ido Goldberg said. The new features include:

  • Quality scoring – Publishers can monitor and measure the health of their communities, and adjust moderation parameters to optimize quality engagement.
  • Gamifying and incentivizing quality – Commenters earn reputation points based on how the community values their contributions. Points give users influence, exposure, and access to different features – including the ability to post instantly and create their own threads. 
  • Real-time feedback – In addition to its just-launched “Clarity” features, OpenWeb partnered with Google to deploy nudges that encourage users to take another look at posts that may be considered toxic or in violation of the specific publisher’s guidelines. 

Rolling out to the OpenWeb’s partners over the coming weeks, the new features add to company’s extensive community building and engagement solutions. 

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