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OpenWeb and LiveRamp: Leading the Charge of First-Party Data Activation

By Ben Lang

For years, marketers relied on third-party cookies and device identifiers to gain more control over ad targeting, cross-channel attribution and ROI measurement. With the rise of the privacy-conscious consumer and regulatory restrictions, major tech companies have taken steps to deprecate cookies in order to create a safer and better online user experience. 

At OpenWeb, as a publisher-first partner we believe that this is a great step in the right direction — tilting the balance of power towards publishers. Outside the walled gardens, publishers have the ability to be the powerhouses of first-party audience data. And what’s the best way to generate audience data? A comments section. 

OpenWeb works with premium digital publishers helping them build vibrant online communities. Our mission is to convert casual readers into active, logged-in users — deepening the relationship between publishers and their audiences in a world dominated by algorithms that favor clicks over quality. 

Today, we announced our integration with LiveRamp, an industry-leading data connectivity platform, enabling publishers to increases audience monetization value without sharing data. As the first and leading community engagement platform, this integration will also provide brands the ability to identify relevant audiences across the world’s leading publishers — all while allowing users full control and choice over how they are engaged across the web (every user has the ability to opt out).  

Prioritizing consumer privacy and security

Using this integration, OpenWeb publishing partners can now offer brands an ability to target first-party based segments through LiveRamp to power their marketing campaigns. The deterministic user data has two key benefits:

  • Improved ability to match the advertiser targeting criteria and desired consumers, ensuring contextually relevant advertising and better user experience,
  • Increased addressability across cookieless environments including Safari and Chrome, improving data-driven bids and overall yield for publishers.

It’s important to note that this is achieved without sharing any personally identifiable information (PII). OpenWeb ensures user data is hashed and passed to LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to be matched with a pseudonymous user ID. LiveRamp connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world, powering the marketing revolution and allowing consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love.

Successfully navigating the cookie apocalypse

Advertisers understand the value of first-party data more so now in the impending absence of third-party cookies. We are thrilled to join hands with industry experts in this space to create a solution that will drive publisher autonomy and sustainability in the long run. 

By allowing publishers to monetize registered users more effectively, OpenWeb is unlocking a new revenue stream for our partners, allowing them to face the walled gardens in a more efficient way.

Our initial beta test across 130 publishers has produced promising results with a 22% increase in RPM (revenue per mile) within Safari.

Additional benefits include:

  • More on-site registrations through OpenWeb registration funnels, leading to more valuable and targetable audiences 
  • A privacy-focused solution that ensures all the data is collected, managed, and used based on user consent 
  • Ability to integrate and launch without any additional development work for the publisher
  • Access to a new source of high-profile brands’ advertising demand through LiveRamp—premium industry partner

This integration is automatically turned on for partners using OpenWeb’s user registration funnels, where OpenWeb is the controller of the data. If you are currently using your SSO authentication for user registration, reach out to us to learn how to get started with this integration.

Contact us: hello@openweb.com

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